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5 Steps that will help you become a top tutor


Spending your whole month’s savings in a single night is something that can happen when you are a student. Now, thanks to Yourtime that doesn’t mean that you have to eat microwaved noodles for the next 3 weeks.

You can become a tutor and start earning money instantly! However, tutoring is an art of its own and can seem intimidating at first if you don’t have experience.

Don’t worry at all! The following simple steps will help you become a top tutor, with numerous session requests at Yourtime and a bank account full of money.

1. Complete Your Profile

Make sure to complete your profile.

First add a good picture of yourself. Reports have shown that tutors with a picture of themselves get 3x more lesson requests. It doesn’t need to look professional, you can keep that for your Linkedin profile. It can be serious, funny or simply a pic with your dog (everybody loves dogs).

Complete the subjects that you will be teaching, your bio details and experience section. Write a few things about yourself, like hobbies and interests. Remember that your customers are uni students like you and they might be interested in meeting you if they see that you share a passion for the same things.

2. Get to know your students

Yourtime is not a classic tutoring platform but a network that connects university students all across the UK. That means that every session is an opportunity to meet amazing people at the same age with you.

Take some time and get to know the people that you are tutoring to. Building a relationship from the start will help you be more casual during the lesson. Moreover, by getting to know your tutee you improve your chances of getting more sessions from the same person in the future.

3. Be Patient and Kind

This might seem intuitive but you have to always be kind and patient during a session.

If you are new in tutoring you will soon apprehend that people react differently to getting new information. You might experience sessions where you need to repeat and rephrase your words many times until your student understands clearly. Keep a smile and explain as many times as it is needed. After all you are getting paid for YourTime 😉

4. Be Prepared

Try to be organised and prepared for your session. When the session starts you need to know what to say and show to your student. This way you will avoid long awkward pauses and your student will get the most value out of the lesson.

5. Ask for a Rating

Always remember to kindly ask for a rating from your fellow student. The more ratings, the higher your tutor card will be shown at Yourtime. That means that you will probably get more requests as well.

However, you should avoid applying pressure to your peers to leave you a 5-star rating. Nobody likes pushy people. An honest rating will help you understand how good your tutoring skills are and that can lead you to improve faster.

That’s it. After taking these simple steps, you are ready to become a top tutor, start earning money and meeting awesome people.


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