Become a tutor

Are you looking for a part-time job while you are at Uni in order to earn money and experience? Then peer-to-peer tutoring might be the perfect solution to your problem! With Yourtime you can instantly become a tutor to fellow students and start earning money right away. The only qualification you need is being knowledgeable in your subjects.

How it works

An easy and intuitive process.


Complete your profile

Sign up with your name and university email address. No hidden fees! Tell us a few words about you, and your experience/hobbies.


Select your subject & rates

Choose your subjects , set your own rates and your schedule. You’re in control!


Start your session!

When you’ll be online, you will be available for instantaneous requests (starting from 10 min. sessions). It’s up to you to accept, decline or reschedule the session.
Chat with students, get to know their preferences and you are ready to start your sessions!

screenshot of online lesson request at Yourtime


Manage your earnings

Manage your payments and your sessions scheduling with our in-app calendar&wallet. Do what you do best and start earning!